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Acne or Anti-Aging?

Both PocketDerm Acne and PocketDerm Anti-Aging can help with dark spots and wrinkles, as both include prescription tretinoin.

If you get one pimple per week or more, PocketDerm Acne is the best option for you, as it can treat both acne and anti-aging concerns.

If your primary goal is anti-aging, PocketDerm Anti-Aging provides you with the best treatment options targeted at improving dark spots, wrinkles and skin texture.


PocketDerm Membership

Membership is all-inclusive
Your $19.95 monthly fee includes all professional consultations, messaging, and shipments of your prescription acne medication.* Membership is charged monthly to the credit card on file.

Unlimited consultations
Our average patient has consultations with their medical provider every 30-90 days. We never charge extra for patients who require more frequent consultations.

Unlimited shipments
We ship your prescription medication to you as often as you need it. We do not charge extra based on frequency of shipments, and there is no extra charge for shipping and handling.

Hassle-free cancellation
At any time, simply email us at [email protected]. No phone call is necessary.

Our unbeatable guarantee
If you don't love PocketDerm within the first 90 days, we'll give you a full refund. Learn more


PocketDerm Anti-Aging

Custom-formulated medication
Every 90 days you will receive a new customized medication (and consultation) for the all-inclusive price of $49.95. Shipping is always free, and we make it easy to reschedule or cancel online anytime.

Expert consultation
Before each shipment, you may choose to complete a professional consultation for no extra charge to adjust your prescription.

Friend referral discounts
Earn $20 credit for every friend that joins. Refer more than one and the credits accumulate (one discount per shipment). Plus, your friend gets their first month free!

As low as $29.95
When you refer a friend, your next 90-day supply is $29.95 (equivalent to $9.98 per month).

Our unbeatable guarantee
If you don't love PocketDerm within the first 90 days, we'll give you a full refund. Learn more


Money-Back Guarantee

Our commitment to you
Our patients' satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will refund 100% of the money you have been charged. This is valid any time within the first 90 days of membership.

Hassle-free refunds
To request a refund, just email [email protected] from your registered email address and we will refund 100% of your money to the credit card you used for your purchase.


Prescription vs. Non-Prescription

Prescription treatments can eliminate 84-90% of acne lesions. Non-prescription treatments may eliminate only 16-34%. Below are some university-based studies as examples. You may also see this Consumer Reports study discussing the limited effectiveness of over-the-counter treatments such as Proactiv.

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Biswas S, Mondal KK, Dutta RN, Sarkar DK. Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of four topical medications individually or in combination to treat grade I acne vulgaris. J Ind Med Assoc. 2009 Apr;107(4):219-22. View abstract